4 good reasons to switch to solid shampoos

Popularized by the Lush brand, solid shampoo is today one of the flagship products of Beautystas. It must be said that it has many advantages. Easy to use (a little water and the tour is played), economical, ecological… It is to glide as soon as possible in your vanity!

A solid shampoo, to do good to the environment.
This is probably one of the first reasons to let yourself be seduced. Choosing a solid shampoo is opting for zero-waste beauty. In France, almost 5 shampoos are sold every second or 476 000 bottles per day according to the figures of Planetoscope. With a solid shampoo, more packaging harmful to the environment.

A solid shampoo, to do good to her hair.
Do not rely on its small size, the solid shampoo has many hair benefits. As long as you choose Natural. Without chemicals, it respects the production of natural sebum and does not attack the fiber with harmful substances. Very often it is formulated from foaming agent extracted from plants, protective oils, vegetable butter or even clay. The result: the hair is stronger, softer and inevitably more beautiful! Like liquid shampoos, the solids are also targeted and adapt to each type of hair. Anti-Film, conditioner, coloured hair, fat, dry… There are all the needs.

A solid shampoo, to do good to his purse.
It is a fact not to be neglected: a solid shampoo would equate to 3 bottles of classic shampoo (about 80 washes). In addition, the prices of solid shampoos are much less expensive. Enough to save a nice sum. And please his banker!

A solid shampoo to do good to his suitcase.
Small and light, solid shampoos are everywhere. Ideal for travelers, they easily slip into the suitcase, without the risk of spilling or being confiscated at the airport. Simple and efficient!

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