5 Most Valued Masters Degree Programs after Architecture (2020)

After a long and gruelling graduate degree in architecture, we are all faced with the dilemma of choosing the path ahead. Choosing to continue to study and pursue a master’s degree is one option which presents another growing confusion as to which degree to enrol for.

This secondary level of study typically focuses on the designing, theory, and project planning of aesthetically pleasing structures. Classes may include architecture history, CAD technical drawing, and structural engineering design. Students may also choose courses that specialize in green construction, sustainable buildings, and improving urban decay. Programs can also focus on digital design techniques, environmental construction problems, and architectural analysis. Emphasis is also possible in historic buildings and their design.

Graduates with a master’s degree in architecture often become detail oriented, analytical, and budget conscious. Other abilities may include money management, team leadership skills, and organizational capabilities, which can have a large impact on their business careers or further education in the profession.

Costs vary between universities for master’s degrees in architecture as programs often vary in duration but mostly being two years. Prospective students can contact the chosen school or university and request information about costs and fees for the program.

Graduates with a master’s degrees in architecture have many career choices available to them. They include structural engineers, conservation officers, urban designers, and historic building inspectors. Other graduates may choose positions as production and environment design coordinators for film, television and gaming industries. Individuals may also choose to teach classes, become a lecturer or professor, become a landscape architect, or work as a town planner developing road and housing layouts. Building and residential surveyors are also possible career choices, as are architectural historians and writers.

In here we have sorted out the most valued Masters degree programs to help you enter a range of exciting careers in your professional life. You just need to perform thorough research and pursue all the different colleges that provide the courses mentioned above. Doing this will allow you to choose the kind of discipline you want to pursue, in the institute that will serve your needs the best.

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