8 Highest Paid Countries for Architects

If you think you are a poorly paid architect, then you should definitely consider moving to some of these highest paying countries for architects. Your work should be appreciated and well paid.

We all know that architects create beautiful buildings and landscapes that astonish us. But their job isn’t just focused on determining a look of a certain building. They need to pay attention to every single detail revolving that building, from planning and designing the structure to construction. Architects spend a lot of time in their office but also need to be there every step of the way to make sure the structure is just the way it should be.

The road to becoming an architect isn’t an easy one. Although there are some differences depending on the country, the road is following: you need to gain a degree in architecture, complete an internship so you would gain on field experience and finally pass the test that will give you a title of a licensed architect.

Don’t be fooled; after you finish with everything, there is still a lot of competition out there. Salaries for architects are attractive, so more people decide for this career every year. Although demand for architects has increased recently, there are still a lot more architects than jobs themselves.

To get what we were looking for, we used infographics from all over the internet and quite a few magazines.There may have been some slight changes in the numbers, but these are for sure the 8 highest paying countries for architects in the world.

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