9 Insane Upcoming Architectural Projects

What will the future of architecture look like? We might not be colonizing Mars, man-made space stations any time soon, but some exciting recent architectural trends are giving plenty of reasons to get excited about the future of built environments right here on Earth.

Over the last two decades, the construction industry has been subject to dramatic changes, paving the way for a future in which traditional spatial concepts are longer valid.
There is a focus on the importance of sustainable architecture, green infrastructure and energy efficiency, and the line between private and public space is becoming increasingly blurred.

We actually found the changes quite impressive. It is not a secret that technology has accelerated at an incredible pace! Architecture is not an exception.

Focusing on self-sufficiency and sustainability, architects around the world are redefining structural design, visualizing entire cities in the clouds, underground and out at sea.

Check out these innovative projects, to learn what our architectural future may hold.

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
Above – below, Arizona
Lilipad Ecopolis
The Floating observatory, Taichung
Earthscraper, Mexico
The Cloud, Dubai
Super Tower, London
Water Scraper
Dynamic Tower, Dubai

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