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I need iron, what should I eat?

October 8, 2018 Healthy Geeks 0

To avoid deficiencies, a good diet is enough for most of the Time. Here is the review of food rich in iron, by large families “eat your spinach, They are rich in iron”… How many children have heard this chorus. Because popular wisdom knows it well, iron is indispensable to the Body. Foods MG iron/100 g Black Pudding 23 Clams […]

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10 tips to be fit!

October 4, 2018 Healthy Geeks 0

1) Sleep well! To be fit, It’s simple… you must first of all sleep well! Not easy for you? Be sure to eat light and avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee at night. Plants like Hawthorn and passiflore can also help you join the arms of Morpheus. 2) hydrate! Your body needs a liter and a half a day to function […]

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8 easy tips to reduce Night Cramps

October 1, 2018 Healthy Geeks 0

Many people suffer from night cramps, especially once the course is fifty or sixty years past! The first time that this type of acute muscular contracture takes us in full sleep, it has something to surprise as the discomfort, even the pain, does not leave us so soon and then prevents us to close the eye. If it is recurrent, […]