‘Coronavirus hasn’t changed my life a bit,’ says man who has lived in bubble suit since childhood

A British man who has been living in a bubble suit since the tender age of five claims the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t changed his life in any significant way.

Alan Montgomery, 48, was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) when he turned 5 years old and has since been forced to live in a specially constructed sterile plastic bubble.

Although Alan Montgomery’s doctors believe that a treatment he has received in 1984 has cured him of his disease, Alan has always chosen to stay protected from his environment.

“There might be nothing wrong with me anymore but it is a lifestyle I am content with,” Alan Montgomery told reporters.

Alan Montgomery, 48, was diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency at childhood and has since lived in a specially constructed sterile plastic bubble in which he does his grocery shopping, jogging, goes to work and even admits to having physical intimacy with his wife.

“My wife has always hated the suit but my three children love it and are jealous I can live 24 hours a day in a plastic bubble,” he told reporters, laughingly.

Montgomery claims that life in a plastic bubble has not always been easy, especially during his teenage years.

“Trying to hook up with girls in high school was dreadful. I won’t go into too many details but let’s just say my first sexual relationship was pretty awkward,” he admits.

Alan Montgomery’s suit allows him to ingest liquid foods through intravenous feeding as well as urinate and defecate through plastic and rubber tubes connected to his rectum and genitals, allowing him to be 100% germ-free.