Easy To Follow Hair Regeneration Remedies That You Must Try

December 26, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

Your hair is your crown! So, wear it with confidence. But are you losing your pride due to hair fall? Then, just read this post where we are going to share few very easy hair regrowth hacks that you can easily follow. It will just take few minutes of yours to prepare these remedies and results are guaranteed. Try any […]

One Remedy That Will Stop Your Hair Fall In No Time

December 26, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

Are you tired of your hair fall? Hair strands on the comb, hair strands on the pillow and hair strands on the floor is scaring you. Then don’t be so scared. Here’s a solution for you. In this post, we would tell you about a hair fall remedy that will help you in no time. Sit back and follow these […]

Hair Growth Mask for Double Hair Growth

December 26, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

Life isn’t perfect, but our hair can be! Every girl dreams of long thick hair. We often buy expensive products for thick and long hair, thinking that hair growth would get better. But using these products not really helps to stop the hair from falling off. So, here is a natural hair growth mask recipe for you all to grow back […]

Magical Oil To Change White Hair To Black Naturally, Turn White Hair To Black Permanently In 7 Days Guaranteed

May 9, 2019 unevboxabdo 0

Today I will share the recipe for magical hair oil to convert grey hair to black naturally. Ingredients, you will need- 50ml of organic coconut oil( preferable natural coconut oil) 4 tablespoon of Indian gooseberry powder(amla powder) Method- 1. Firstly take 50 ml of pure coconut oil in a pan. Now add 4 tablespoons of Indian gooseberry powder into it. Mix […]

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5 big benefits of changing your hair regimen

May 9, 2019 unevboxabdo 0

Even if you’ve been using the same hair products forever, it’s a good idea for you to switch up your hair regimen (and drop some bad hair habits along the way. This particularly applies to you if you’ve done something drastic with your hair, like color-treated it, chopped it all off, or chemically altered it. Here are five small changes […]

10 tricks to make your hair look super shiny and healthy

April 29, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

After a long summer of salt water, humidity, heat and other stuff that’s *great* for your locks (just kidding) we put together this list of tricks to get your hair in tip-top shape—just in time for the long, dry winter ahead. 1. Know how to wash your hair the right way. The shampoo bottle may say “lather, rinse, repeat,” but that recipe is definitely not for everyone […]

5 bad haircare habits you need to break this summer

April 24, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

While summer is known for being a season of carefree fun in the sun, did you know that it can also be the most damaging season for our hair? Those long days basking in the summer sunlight and taking dips in the pool or the ocean can dry out your hair, leaving it looking limp, lackluster, and lifeless. One of […]

How to find the best shampoo for your hair

April 24, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

There are hydrating shampoos and volumizing shampoos, but which shampoo is best for your hair? The fact is, finding the right shampoo for your hair is key if you want your hair to look its very best. Below we share what sets certain formulas apart and exactly how to find the right shampoo for your hair! First Step, Determine You […]

13 Tricks for Growing Your Hair Really, Really Long, hair growth fast

April 16, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

Not to totally crush your hopes and dreams, but you cannot physically grow butt-length hair overnight—or even over many nights. “Hair typically only grows a quarter inch—a half an inch max—per month,” says celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend, who helped Ashley Olsen grow out her asymmetrical bob to her waist. “And still, getting long hair is only possible if it’s super healthy and doesn’t […]

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You lost your hair? Here is How to hide your baldness smartly

March 22, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

The fateful loss of hair touches, sooner or later, 70% of men. A sensitive subject that often turns to obsession. However, the degarned bellboys Jude Law and Jason Statham are objects of the desire of a multitude of women. Is bald the new scalp? Guide to hairdressing to approach her baldness in complete serenity. You have tried everything, in vain: […]

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What is The Snake oil for skin and hair: why is everyone talking about?

March 4, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

Coming from Morocco, snake oil is nothing animal, rest assured! It is a mixture of several natural ingredients that makes the hair more beautiful and brighter. What hides behind snake oil? New arrival on the market of natural cosmetics, snake oil arouses interest and comments. Despite its denomination, this product is not made from a snake. It is actually the […]

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Fine Hair: 5 ways to boost their volume without chemicals

February 26, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

You have fine hair and without too much volume, and dream of a large and more glamorous hair? Follow our five tips to find a maximum volume. 1/Use Volume boosters The basis is to use suitable products for your hair type. Choose special shampoos that will boost the volume, proper care and volumizing foams for fine hair, to apply to […]

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Just Mix Baking soda and cider vinegar and forget all hair problems

February 19, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

What are the virtues of baking soda for hair? Bicarbonate is a very good hair cleanser, which is why we often talk about bicarbonate shampoo. It helps to eliminate excess sebum, so it is very effective in regular use on oily hair. Bicarbonate also removes impurities, especially residues such as limestone, pollution particles, or the remains of silicone or Paraben […]

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4 good reasons to switch to solid shampoos

February 15, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

Popularized by the Lush brand, solid shampoo is today one of the flagship products of Beautystas. It must be said that it has many advantages. Easy to use (a little water and the tour is played), economical, ecological… It is to glide as soon as possible in your vanity! A solid shampoo, to do good to the environment. This is […]

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The best tips against electric hair How to get rid of electric hair: the best tips

February 9, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

That says lower temperatures, says (almost) inevitable return of electric hair. To limit this phenomenon, Matthew Séguier, hairdresser and founder of the Salon Séguier in Paris, delivers his unstoppable tricks. Summary: What is an electric hair? Electric hair, an almost winter phenomenon Getting rid of electric hair: the best tips Good tips What is an electric hair? This rather unpleasant […]

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Do you have white hair: All about Canitie, causes and solutions.

January 29, 2019 BeautyPoke 0

White or grey hair is sometimes also called “Pepper and Salt”, when part of the hair becomes white in brown people. With age the other hairs of the body whiten also and in humans also the whitened beard. We are talking about canitie to design this phenomenon of whitening hair and hair with aging. The color of the hair depends […]