10 easy Ideas for makeup storage

Unless you live in a palace, difficult for us to have a room in his apartment dedicated to the storage of makeup. Fortunately, Myhealthypoke is here to give you some tips on how to store your make-up. The secret? Build on the organization. So here are our best ideas for makeup storage.

We all have makeup.
A lot.
Sometimes too much.

So to avoid being overwhelmed, a single watchword: Ranger.

How to store makeup?

Let’s start at the beginning.
To tidy up your makeup, you have to sort it first.

We throw away what is obsolete, what we no longer use, brushes and other damaged makeup products.
We only keep what we’re going to use.

How to organize makeup?

Instead of leaving everything in bulk, you have to store the make-up by family.

Store Eye Makeup;

The eye makeup family includes eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, eye pencils.

If you have room, you are advised to store each family of products in a different pot, vertically.

Alternatively, you can pool together all the formats in tube/pencil.
As for eyeshadow, you can store them one by one in an ice cube tray.
One in each compartment.

Store makeup of the complexion;

The makeup family includes liquid complexion, compact powder, free powder, tinted mousse, blush.

In this case, it is difficult to put everything in the same place because the formats are very different.

For vial sizes, place them in a drawer or box vertically so that you can catch the desired product more easily.
For case formats, place them in a flat drawer in order to better see the products.

Store varnish and lipsticks;

Finally, regarding the varnishes and other lipsticks that we all have in dozens, the best is to opt for round vases or small aquariums in which you put the products.

Transparent, it will be easier to find the right lipstick stick or varnish you have chosen.

How do you tidy up your makeup brushes?

Obviously, it’s out of the question to put away his makeup brushes without cleaning them beforehand.

Once cleaned and dried in the open air, smooth the hairs in the right direction.

To store the brushes, separate those with fine and flat hair from the powdered pines.

Flat brushes such as those used for eye makeup should be stored flat in a box.
For powder brushes on the other hand, put them in a jar, bristles in the air to prevent them from being distorted and unusable.

And if the makeup storage is not really your thing, know that there are brands that market boxes ready to store.
Spaces for brushes, lipsticks and other mascaras.

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