10 foods that give buttons, chocolate is among them !!

Horror, a big white button pushes on your Chin? Rather than emptying the tube broke®, have you thought about changing your diet? Yes, having beautiful skin anti acne also passes through the plate! The proof with these 10 foods that favor the appearance of buttons…

1 / chocolate

You’re gaga for chocolate? You pay attention to your weight but can’t you spend two or three small squares served with coffee after lunch? Attention! Whether black, white or milk chocolate can cause outbreaks of acne. Indeed, several studies showed that it increased the production of Interleukin – 1 b, a natural protein produced by the immune system that promotes the risk of cutaneous inflammation (and so the appearance of acne). Then, the chocolate is good for your morale, certainly, but are planning to limit their consumption. Your two or three small squares with coffee? Bite them one to two times a week. Other days, replace them with nuts (almonds or whole hazelnuts, walnuts…).

2 / alcohol

You have probably already noticed: every day after party a little olé – olé, one or more small buttons appear on your face. Who’s fault? Glasses of alcohol that you have bus during your crazy evening. What for? Because alcohol is too sweet. The sugar it contains causes a rise of insulin in the blood which stimulates the hormonal disruption. In other words, skyrocketing testosterone levels and promotes the appearance of buttons… Really not great when you know that it tarnishes, ages and also sensitizes the skin. Limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks during your next evening. Otherwise, enjoy drinking a multi-fruits juice or cocktail non alcoholic. This is much better!

3 / the bread white

The bread at breakfast, it is sacred among you? Bad news, it also fosters the appearance of pimples on the skin. If you opt for bread full for breakfast ‘, you’re not concerned (e). However, if it’s wonder bread white you bite every morning here, a dot is needed. The bread white is, as the name suggests, made with white flour (wheat, most often). This flour is a refined grain product says “processed” and rich in glucose. Once it is absorbed into the body, it increases the insulin level in the blood and increases the secretion of sebum, and thus the appearance of buttons. Your slices of bread for breakfast? Replace them with wonder bread complete, as stated above, or the wholemeal flour bread (rye, buckwheat, spelt,…).

4 / the Crescent
Favorite pastries from the French, the Crescent is regressive and greedy but full of ‘bad’ nutrients. Sugar, fatty acids trans, sodium, (…), we know better to keep healthy, a silhouette and… skin of hell. You in love? Limit yourself to a Crescent per week. Prefer him home-made by using some good tricks to reduce the sugar and added fats (margarine, butter light, sweetener,… coconut sugar).

5 / milk
Milk, responsible for flare-ups of blackheads and pimples on the skin? Apparently Yes, and in particular skimmed cow’s milk. The reverse of low-fat milk, it contains less fat but more lactose, known to increase the secretion of sebum. To remedy this, prefer plant milks such as soy milk, oat milk, almond milk or nut milk. Lactose, these “false milks” are bonus vitamin E, essential antioxidant vitamin-enriched to have beautiful skin.

6 / pasta

On the menu last week, it was spaghetti carbo’ Tuesday, lasagna Bolognese Thursday and cannelloni stuffed Saturday? It’s no wonder that one or more buttons hatch on your skin. As the bread, pasta that you buy most often in trade are made with white flour and refined grain products. As a reminder, refined cereals = high glucose = augmented insulin = secret sebum… And it’s the same for white rice! Right now, buy pasta or rice complete to avoid any acne problem.

7 / the steak-frites

At home, it’s always (beef) steak – frites for Sunday lunch? Yet once, it is not surprising that you have skin problems. According to studies, Cook red meat would cause a chemical reaction between the lipids and proteins to form compounds known as ‘terminal advanced glycation products ‘. Recent, factors of cardiovascular disease or diabetes, would encourage skin aging, weaken the skin and would thus increase the risk of appearance of buttons. The fries, however, are, as well as the Crescent, rich in trans fats… Replace your steak by lean meat or poultry cooked in foil or simply in a pan. Override your fries potatoes by fries of vegetables (carrots, Zucchini, turnip…), by having the light hand on the oil, or steamed, with a knob of butter. Just as good!

8. Candy

No need to make a diagram that says “candy says” ‘sugar’, ‘pic of insulin’ and ‘secretion of sebum. In addition, they are bad for your teeth and your figure… Make overlook the Haribo®, the Carambar®, the M & m’s® and company. You can avoid all worries!

9 / the potato

Starch star of our plates, the potato would favour the appearance of skin problems. What for? Because, contrary to what one thinks, she is not rich in carbs and has a high glycemic index (head of a peak of blood glucose and insulin in the blood). In the same way that refined grain products, limit consumption and prefer legumes or pulses to increase satiety and you feel full.

10 / camembert

Camembert, brie, blue of Bresse, edam, Emmentaler or Swiss cheese, (…), the cheese made from cow’s milk but also are also to avoid if you suffer from skin problems. Addicted to cheese tray? Choose cheeses from milk of goat or sheep’s milk (goat, feta, brick, halloumi…) without risk to increase the secretion of sebum, and the appearance of acne on your skin.

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