10 golden tips for young parents

Young parents are looking for what’s best for their children. Unfortunately, the news reminds us regularly how our planet is in danger. How to act at its own level? Is it possible to participate, even on a small scale, to the preservation of our environment? Can we protect children from the dangers of toxic chemicals that invade our daily lives? Here are some green for young parents involved.

 1 – Opt for cloth diapers

Do you know that disposable diapers are made of plastic, wood pulp bleached with chlorine, polyethylene, oil and cellulose? The absorbent gel they contain is harmful to the health of the babies while they encourage deforestation. Finally, note that they are non-compostable and non-biodegradables.

In addition to being totally anti-ecology, disposable diapers represent a significant cost for households: they are expensive and involve regular forth at the supermarket. Many companies offer to return to the cloth diapers of our parents (or grandparents) in improved versions. Often in cotton, they are practical, environmental and economic. If the investment is important in the beginning, the calculation is quickly made.

2 – Make his home yogurt

You want to avoid the Conservatives, dyes and other questionable substances for your children? You want to consume more plastic by buying yogurt in pots (sometimes packaged in cardboard)? The yoghurts are extremely easy to make and we find now cheap yaourtieres (especially if you buy yours at a garage sale).

You do so savings and an important ecological gesture.

Good to know: you can also make your yogurt from soy milk, goat or sheep. In principle must be added a little agar-agar to bind at all.

3 – Choose a glass bottle to feed your children

Easy to find, the glass bottle is ideal for young parents greenies. It is safe, even when it heats up (as opposed to plastic), washes easily and is extremely strong. The glass bottle is recyclable… but why recycles so that its lifetime is almost eternal?!

4 – Use Marseille SOAP

Have you ever read the composition of your liquid for washing? All pediatricians agree that the ideal is to wash the clothes of children with SOAP of Marseille in order to avoid the risk of Allergy and endocrine disrupters. You can also use it to shower (however paying attention not to put in the eyes).

5 – Make homemade cookies

Sounds complicated? Yet, making small shortbread for his snack is very easy and only takes a few minutes. You will find many recipes on the web. Choose the ingredients from organic farming and make your cookies with your child, he will enjoy as much as with the salt dough and will be very proud of his works (at school) when he released them to his taste.


6 – Make a picture of awakening home

Like many parents, you’re certainly realized that children tend to play more with their gift packaging with the gift itself. And if you recycled a few everyday items?

Make a table of awakening is not complicated, just to spot objects that may appeal to baby without putting in danger. Set, for example, a furniture caster, a door lock, a toy that squeaks, a small mirror and other small objects on a wooden board protected by a fabric. you see, your table of awakening should make someone happy!


7 – Encourage breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is recommended by all pediatricians and midwives, it is by far the best food can be given to a newborn. Choosing milk breast is also make a gesture for the planet (less waste, no transport, etc.) and allows substantial savings.

8 – Limit the use of wipes.

The baby wipes are a nuisance to the environment. You are at home and you have access to water? Why use wipes when just a glove and a bit of SOAP to clean in a jiffy baby’s bottom? Avoid exposing it to products that can be harmful.

9 – Create a vegetable garden.

This idea is probably the more “binding” of all because it requires a significant investment in terms of time… but what a joy to eat its own fruits and vegetables of the season! Know what is on the plate has no price and kids love plant, see push and pluck.

10 – Turn off the appliances on standby.

You have not yet taken used to cut your appliances on standby overnight or when you go on weekend? Yet, all these devices consume electricity and can also represent a danger in case of false contact. Several controversies about the possible dangers of WiFi constantly make the news, although opinions are always very shared. When in doubt, is perhaps better disconnecting the WiFi during the night or when it is not! Each his choices!

I hope you find some attractive ideas; to develop positively, good luck daddy & mommy.


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