10 must apply tips to eat well in case of hemorrhoids

When a hemorrhoid crisis occurs, food precautions are needed. Their goals: prevent constipation, prevent the risk of anemia and improve venous tone.

The hemorrhoid crisis is a common and uncomfortable pain. Changing your diet can help reduce symptoms

1 I always put fruit and vegetables on the menu

They all bring good amounts of fiber and water which, combined, boost intestinal transit, and also contain a multitude of venous substances. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and, why not, snack: one consumes at each meal, varying the mode of preparation (raw, cooked, compote, mashed, grated…) and preserving the skin when possible.

2 I swap white pasta and rice for full grain

Thanks to their richness in fiber, boulgour, quinoa, buckwheat, whole rice… stimulate the intestines. In case of intestinal pain or bloating, one opts for semi-complete versions and is gradually introduced into its plate.

3 I prefer Apple juice to orange juice

It is a good natural ally to fight constipation.

4 I consume 5 to 6 dried fruits per day

Dried apricots, prunes… provide fibers and carbohydrates with laxative effects. Perfect for breakfast and/or snack.

5 I drink at least one large glass of water at every meal

By moisturizing the food bowl, the drinks taken at the table help regulate the intestinal transit. We opt for a water rich in magnesium (Donat Mg, Hépar…) which possesses a gentle laxative action.

6 I program meat four times a week

Two times red meat (steak, rump, bib,…). It is one of our best sources of iron readily assimilate, indispensable for the production of red blood cells whose loss can be favored by occult bleeding. Fresh chopped parsley with vitamin C richness boosts the absorption of iron.

7 I am rehabilitating giblets

And especially the black pudding, champion of iron intake. Adopting this reflex at least once a month can prevent any risk of anemia.

8 I alternate starchy and dry vegetables

Lentils, broken peas, dry beans are rich in anti constipation and moderately assimilate iron, anti-anemia. To consume it is therefore to double blow. It is consumed twice a week at least, depending on its digestive tolerance, soaking them overnight before cooking.

9 I prefer herbs to spices

Irritant, spices should be avoided, just like mustard, peppers… They cause or amplify the sensations of burns in the rectum.

10 I drink one coffee a day

By its exciting properties, it promotes increased pressure at the level of the veins. Same thing for sodas containing caffeine and tea.

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