10 Natural solutions for swollen eyes

How do you deflate your eyes? Your eyelids are swollen you have pockets and dark circles under your eyes? Haven’t slept enough? Tips and natural remedies to deflate your eyes.

1-Aloe Vera

Cut a piece of fleshy Aloe vera leaf in the middle, then using scissors, remove its thorns.

Rinse it with running water, then slice the sheet in half in its thickness, then with a spoon, scrape the inside so that the pulp of the leaf is collected.

You will then get a transparent and gelatinous substance.

This is the Aloe Vera Gel.

Apply this gel to the dark circles, it is one of the best natural moisturizers that are.

2-Chamomile in compress

In a cup, pour mineral water boiled on a handful of chamomile flowers.

Allow to cool and then filter.

Soak a sterile compress in the brew.

Gently spin and then for a quarter of an hour, apply immediately to closed eyelids.

Repeat the operation about every two hours.

or apply to the eyes a sachet that has been used for an infusion.


apply on closed eyelids a cucumber washer


Lie still a little in bed and drink one or two glasses of water.

The water stored overnight will be eliminated more easily.

5-Blueberry Flowers

In a cup, pour mineral water boiled on a handful of blueberry blossoms.

Allow to cool and then filter.

Soak a compress in this brew, then apply to the eyelid.

6-ice cubes

Place an ice cube inside two toilet gloves and apply to the dark circles during 5minutes.

7-Cold milk

Dip a compress in very cold milk and apply to the eyelid and dark circles.

Renew as soon as the compress is no longer cold.

8-Potato in washer

Apply potato washers (washed) to the eyelid or to the rings.

9-Potato Juice

Grate a raw potato, filter.

Dip two sterile compresses into the potato juice, then apply to the pouch under the eyes.


for dark circles and pockets, brew two tea bags in hot water, let cool, warm, squeeze and then apply them under the eye for a quarter of an hour.


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