10 sensitive places of the body where the tongue can land

When you are in an intimate moment, the language is your ally of choice. In your preliminaries, it would be a pity not to make use of this muscle.

There is clearly no question of doing all your foreplay using the language: vary the means of stimulation as much as possible. But here are ten places where your language will be welcome.

1. The neck
For a starter, take care of your partner’s neck. Approach your mouth, find it and exhale slowly and very gently. This sudden heat access will activate your partner’s sensitivity. Then, on a well-heated place, lay the end of your tongue. This contrast between heat and cold sharpens all the more its senses.

2. Behind the ears
The same procedure is to be repeated on another sensitive place: behind the ears. You can then make a couple of bisouses at this place. Be careful, limit yourself to kissing behind the ear, not in the ear: this idea is nothing sexy and will only disgust your partner.

3. The lips
Before you leave your head and explore other parts of your partner’s body, let’s talk about the lips. This is the first place on our list that you can lick. Ask your partner to lie down and close their eyes. Slowly approach her lips and stop: Remember, anticipation has a key role in excitement. Then-lick them gently, before putting your tongue in the hollow of his lips, indicating that you wish to enter his mouth, to meet his tongue.

4. The navel
With the tip of your tongue, make circles around his navel. As you go, approach the navel, but don’t touch it. Then, suddenly, touch it very gently from the tip of your tongue. This unexpected gesture and the intense sensation of cold will increase all the more its excitement.

5. The Hollow of the knee
Not everyone likes to be touched in this place, but be aware that the hollow of the knee is a sensitive place in both women and men. Venturing into it before exploring other places is not a good idea, but when you feel your partner is ready, you can try. As with many other things in sex, it’s all about timing.

6. Breasts
This is one of the most sensitive places in women. Keeping in mind the idea of anticipation, start slowly by walking your tongue under the breast, where it begins. Do the same on the sides, as well as between the breasts. Then approach your mouth and warm up the places you just licked. Be careful not to touch the nipples yet.

7. Nipples
Take care of the nipples only if your partner (woman) is very excited. Put your mouth on the nipple and kiss it, then, while keeping it between your lips, tickle it with your tongue. Another idea: Place your fingers, the forefinger and the middle finger, on both sides of the nipple and pull very lightly towards the sides. Put your tongue almost parallel to the body of your partner and press on the nipple as if you wanted to move it.

8. The penis
Walk your tongue on the base of the penis by making movements supported. On the head, on the other hand, be gentle. Then take it in your mouth and keep working it with your tongue. Remember: The most sensitive place is the head, but for it to be receptive, you must first work the rest of the penis.

9. The Clitoris
As with the nipples, only take care of this place when your partner is very excited. On the other hand, when the time is right, licking the clitoris will give its owner a sensation of excitement without equal. If your partner is enjoying, do not stop, prolong the pleasure as much as possible, and do not stop until the excitement falls.

10. The Vagina
Gently lick the labia. Pretend you’re about to enter but don’t do it right away. When the time is right, slide your tongue between the big lips and touch the vagina.

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