10 small mistakes that we all make and that prevent us from losing weight durably

You started in a diet (or you just decided to be careful) but the results on the scale are waiting… What if it was the fault of our poor slimming habits?

Discouraged at the first gap
That’s it, you finally found the courage to start your diet. Everything was going well, until you cracked for an enticing slice of bread topped with your favorite spread. But this is (above all) not a reason to get discouraged and stop everything! Even nutritionists say: it is important to incorporate moments of pleasure into a diet to be able to follow it in its entirety. Then we’re out of guilt!

Too much to deprive
A classic. In fact, some (bad) regimes encourage it. However, it is by depriving ourselves that the opposite effect is obtained: the body thinks that it is starved and will therefore defend itself by storing everything we eat. Besides, depriving yourself is frustrating and stressful. And that’s when we crack for a snack too greasy and too sweet. To avoid excesses, we avoid starving. The secret is moderation.

Only cardio (or muscle strengthening)
Getting (re) putting to sport to lose weight is a good start. But combining cardio and muscle building is even better. With cardio, you burn fat, and muscular reinforcement allows to ashraful the silhouette. In short, the winning duo to be beautiful, quite simply.

Go shopping hungry
That is the mistake we all make. Because we often go shopping at night, after work, right at the time our belly cries famine. Unfortunately, you understand, it’s a bad idea… Unless you want to rob the department of aperitif cakes and sweets! Otherwise, you are advised to go shopping after eating or after a snack. You’ll be less tempted with a full belly.

Don’t sleep Enough
Our way of life often induces too short and disturbed nights. But be aware that a poor quality sleep also affects the balance: In addition to being bad for health, sleeping poorly tends to make us gain weight. Try to make regular nights and at least seven hours as much as possible.

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