10 tips to apply when you have soft nails

When you have soft nails, it is almost impossible to let them grow long because they break all the time! This can be very annoying, but these 10 tips will help you to make them stronger.

1. have a diet rich in iron

An iron deficiency can cause soft nail problems. Foods that contain the most are the offal, shellfish, chocolate or even broccoli.

2. have a diet rich in calcium

Soft and brittle nails are sometimes caused by a lack of calcium. To refuel, eat dairy products but also of egg yolks, shrimp, almonds, Black radish…

3. a priest of beer yeast

In capsule or sprinkled on your food, beer yeast promotes growth and healthy nails and hair!

4 make a royal jelly

Royal Jelly is rich in vitamin B and ideal to strengthen soft nails. Take on an empty stomach, every morning for a month.

5. apply a Nail Polish hardener

There are bases for nails or very effective hardeners varnishes that will be of great help.

6. do not wet your nails

We’re not advising you to stop washing your hands! But do more than necessary and replace it, if possible, some washing by a hydro-alcoholic gel.

7. baths conditioners

To revitalize your soft nails, dip them five minutes a week in a warm water bath, plus olive oil and a few drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang. If you want to enjoy to blanch them, add a little lemon juice.

8. regularly feed your nails

When you moisturize your hands, massage your nails with cream at the same time. Regularly, rub with a bit of sweet almond oil.

9. let them breathe

You may think that consolidates them Nail Polish, but in the long run, it suffocates them and weakens them. Let them naturally from time to time, that will do them the greatest good.

10. do not use!

Your nails are not tools. Do not use for scratch things or as a lever to open a can. If you have this (bad) habit, try to take something as a replacement.

By applying these 10 tips for soft nails, you should quickly find strong nails and can grow as you wish!

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