10 tips to be fit!

1) Sleep well!
To be fit, It’s simple… you must first of all sleep well! Not easy for you? Be sure to eat light and avoid alcohol, tea, and coffee at night.
Plants like Hawthorn and passiflore can also help you join the arms of Morpheus.

2) hydrate!
Your body needs a liter and a half a day to function properly. Without what, it idles and you feel tired…

3) Eat 5 fresh fruits and vegetables per day
Fruits and vegetables are a source of vitamins and minerals, essential for an effective immune system. Rich in fibre, They also improve your intestinal transit and therefore your well-being.

4) Play sports!
Excellent anti-stress, Sport also boosts your immune system. To feel its benefits, devote at least 40 minutes, twice a Week.

5) Practice Eye Yoga
Riveted whole days on a screen, your eyes get Tired. to the key? tingling, Blurred vision, headaches…
A few simple daily exercises allow them to be effectively rested: beating eyelids, looking off…

6) Relax
To better manage your stress, consider setting up breaks and trying out some relaxation exercises, such as those from the Sophrology.

7) Take the air!
The days begin to shorten and with them, your dose of brightness! In the key, the risk of winter blues… Every day, be sure to spend at least ten minutes Outside. Any ray of sunshine, however small it is, is good to take!

8) Indulge yourself to see life on the bright side, do not forget to give you regular moments of pleasure: a gluttony, a restaurant with friends, an evening to book, a cinema session…

9) Sanitize your Home
Some substances in your home can irritate your bronchi and promote Allergies.

To get rid of it:

Air each room for 5 to 10 minutes a day,

Place some green plants in your living room,

Diffuse essential oils: their antibiotic virtues will rid you of any suspended Microbes.

10) the advice of your pharmacist: get help!
In spite of all these good habits, you lack pep? Here are some solutions to help you find the fishing!

Anti-Fatigue plants: ginseng, ginger…

The Royal Jelly Homeopathy

Light Therapy

Essential Oils

Vitamin and Mineral Cures.

Ask your pharmacist for advice!

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