10 tips to pass the love of reading to your children

Reading is not only school. Certainly, your child learns to read with his mistress, but it’s from you that he will take taste!

1. it is never too early to familiarise your child with the world of books. As soon as he sits, you can put books in the hands. At this age, the relationship initially by touch. Alternate wood, cardboard, foam and even the plastic he can flick into her bath. Thanks to the images, your child very quickly perceives the relationship between your story and the words written on the pages. And from two years old, he is able to follow a story.
2 – Subscribe him to a small magazine for his age (Bayard Presse, Fleurus, Milan press, Disney Hachette press…). he will be waiting for each month with pleasure before he figure it out with you.
3 – Do not lose the habit of this time with him on the pretext that it is CP because your child will not immediately read with pleasure. Initially the decryption is slow, tedious. By continuing to browse books with him give her desire to continue its efforts in learning.

4 – Install a library in his room. To fill, spend time with him in the rays youth of bookstores. And while steering it on those of his age, let him choose some books.

5 – Don’t denigrate comic books, excellent reading support. With their images, they stay for the younger more attractive books and are often well written. In addition, they allow to become familiar with the book as an object.

6 – Let him discover your local library. Now, in most of the institutions there is a space reserved for young readers. And sessions of stories read aloud for children.
7. around the age of 7 or 8 years, give him books in relation to his own or his passion if there a. Small novels whose heroine is a rider for sure will delight young fans of riding for example

8 – Read in front of your children. Give the example remains an obvious way to motivate them. When they are a little older, it is also an opportunity to share with them. ——“You read what MOM?” ”

9 – Put in place rules to make television and computer piggyback not completely free time.
10Be patient and do not stigmatize him in his little attraction for reading. Remember that the constraint will not discover the pleasure of reading. In like a novel, Daniel Pennac lists the imprescriptible rights of the reader:

-The right to not read.
-The right to skip pages.
-The right not to complete a book.
-The right to reread.
-The right to read anything.
-The right to bovarysme (textually transmissible disease).
-The right to read anywhere.
-The right to glean.
-The right to read aloud.
-The right to be quiet

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