Just apply those 10 tips and forget about swollen eyes forever!!

Waking up with swollen eyes is very common and there are multiple methods to avoid these swellings and minimize them in the morning. We tell you everything.

How to fight the swollen eyes that disfigures you every morning and give you a tired look? Some tricks exist. We’ve selected ten.

1. Drink plenty of water
Daily hydration is essential for not having swollen eyes. Place a bottle of water next to your bed and feel free to drink if you wake up at night. Swollen eyes are often the sign of water retention, so avoid eating too much salt in the evening or drinking alcohol before bedtime.

2. Passing your eyes under cold water
Another effective solution is to sprinkle your eyes with cold water. This will help to promote micro-circulation. But that may not be enough.

3. Use small, cold spoons
If the heat shock is not effective enough, you will be advised to keep small teaspoons in your refrigerator. Place a cold spoon on each eye and wait for it to warm up to remove it. Repeat the process until your eyes are completely deflated.

4. Buy Physiological Serum
You have to have physiological serum at home all the time. Parents are familiar with this little salty solution used to fly babies. Empty the contents of a light bulb in each eye. The serum will come hydrate and clean your eyes. In case of allergies to dust or bacteria, the physiological serum will be very effective.

5. Use eye drops
In the case of a more violent allergy, the physiological serum may not be sufficient. You will then be recommended to have an anti-inflammatory eye drops, which can soothe the symptoms of the allergy. Pollens are often responsible for swelling of the eyelids.

6. Apply Chamomile compresses
You will also be recommended to brew chamomile in hot water and to dip compresses in the cup. Once cooled, put the compress on your eyes and let it work for a few minutes. This solution is also effective with an infusion with mint or a black tea.

7. Raise his head while sleeping
It’s also important to think about raising your head when you’re sleeping. This will allow fluids that stagnate at night at the eye level to better evacuate. The head does not need to be too elevated, but should just be higher than the body.

8. Prepare a salt-based solution
You can also mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water. Immerse compresses in this solution and apply them to your eyes for about ten minutes. This method is more effective when it is performed in the evening, before bedtime.

9. Use Rose Water
You will also be advised to buy rose water or blueberry water. These waters have decongestive virtues. By spraying a few of these solutions every morning, your gaze will find radiance and vitality. No more pockets under the eyes! You can also find compresses with rose or blueberry water that you will leave in the refrigerator for a few hours before applying them to your eyes for about ten minutes.

10. Tempt Dairy Products
If none of these solutions were effective at home, you can turn to dairy products. Soak compresses in fresh milk or in a mixture of fresh cream and eggs. Apply these compresses to your eyes for a few minutes. The result may well surprise you.

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