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Everyone wants to look younger, but nobody really knows how to do it! Elixir of youth? Cosmetic surgery? Not! … sometimes a little nothing is enough to earn a few years. Here are 10 tips to look much younger than the age indicated on your passport.

Stand up Straight!
We say goodbye to vaulted back and straighten up. The technique? Contract the ABS (without blocking the breathing), open the shoulders and grow taller imagining that a thread pulls us up. Guaranteed Effect!… In addition it is excellent for lumbar and firming the chest
Walk Barefoot
“This sharpens our preconception,” explains Dr. Linda Benattar, Doctor Geriatrician. The preconception refers to the perception, conscious or not, of the position of the different parts of the body. Walking barefoot helps to focus on your body and movements and to better adapt its movement in the space around us.
Take care of your skin so that your skin stays young, you have to take care of it. First think about cleaning your skin morning and night to release toxins that accumulate on its surface and prevent it from breathing. To remove dead cells and thus accelerate the renewal of the epidermis in order to appear younger, it is advisable to carry out regularly (once or twice a week) a light scrub and do not forget to always clean your makeup. Just as it is also essential to protect yourself from the sun.
Take care of your teeth
Of teeth health stems from your overall well-being. Visit your dentist regularly for checks and at least once a year, do a descaling. Indeed, Tartar makes your teeth less resistant and gingivitis to periodontics, your gums can see from all colors. For a glittering smile, we make the dentist our best friend! But no it doesn’t scare the dentist…
Wear sunglasses
Because these lenses filter the UV and protect your eyes from the risks of eye problems, such as cataracts, frequent with age. Wearing sunglasses not only allows you to rest your iris, but also to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. And not only in summer! On the other hand, if you already wear glasses and if you bought them 10 years ago, they are very surely outdated. And it’s a lil nothing that counts when you want to appear younger!
Cooking is good for the brain! Just like meditation, cooking can help us focus, play on our happiness and reduce stress. Washing food, cutting, cooking, cooking, these tasks use the executive functions of the brain. Amazing, isn’t it?
Start new challenges
Do not let yourself fall asleep in the daily life. With age, your cognitive abilities are weakening. But neuropsychologists are formal: trying new things stimulates the brain. Whether it’s African dance, parachute jumping, DIY, learning a foreign language, whatever! Dare to launch new challenges, your brain will thank you…
Stay Connected
The more you use the digital, the more you feel integrated with the digital transformation, the more you are satisfied with its image and the more you feel young. Using the Internet, a Smartphone or a tablet makes it easier to integrate into society and to feel young. In particular by maintaining intellectual autonomy and curiosity. “Staying young is being up to date with your time” notes Dr. Benattar
Adopt the Right Philosophy
If people think they are old and fragile, they will act as if they were old and fragile. Staying young, or becoming one again, is also to understand that there is no age for many things. No, there is no age to picnic in the grass at the arrival of the beautiful days, there is no age to go dancing until the end of the night, there is no age to hum his favorite song in front of the mirror. So we get rid of these age-related prejudices, and we refuse to see his passions or his little pleasures go away with time. Believe it, the young spirit is reflected outside!
Work your sense of observation

“Observing helps to perceive the outside world to better apprehend him,” advises Dr. Benattar. At home, in the office, on the street, in transportation, or in a waiting room (in short, or you are), have fun looking for two or three items you’ve never noticed before and memorize their location. This will help your brain to pay attention to the environment in which it is located and to stay more alert. Be Aware!

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