These are 3 Effective tips for relieving osteoarthritis quickly

Osteoarthritis is a painful chronic condition of the joints due to cartilage deterioration. It will cause persistent pain due to the abnormal wear and tear of this cartilage.
The most affected areas are the joints of the hip, knee, spine, fingers (in women) and to a lesser extent those of the shoulder, wrist and ankle.

To relieve these pains there are three tricks of grandmothers.

The Devil’s Claw
First the devil’s Claw, because of its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The root of “Harpagophytum“, the scientific name of this plant in South Africa, is highly recommended. Very bitter, it is advisable to consume it in capsules for 3 months. A first improvement is usually felt after 8 to 10 days. The pain has to diminish, just like the stiffness.

The essential oil of salal
Then the essential oil of salal is effective because of its very high content of methyl salicylate, a analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance close to aspirin. Dilute 2 drops in a teaspoon of neutral vegetable oil and use this mixture to massage in pain, twice daily, for 7 days.

The Cassis
Finally the Cassis. Leaves such as berries contain flavonoids and proanthocyanidols with anti-inflammatory properties. Infusion of these leaves stimulates the elimination of uric acid and relieves joint problems. Drink a cup in the morning for about twenty days. Attention, if you are suffering from heart failure or kidney disease, please consult a doctor before using blackcurrants.

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