3 Home care for very strong nails.

Cold, household chores, too hot baths or a bad manicure can attack your nails everyday. Are your fingernails brittle, soft, streaky or split? Wondering how to fortify them? Check out our home care recipes against damaged nails.

Tip 1: Argan Oil
To moisturize fragile nails, dip your fingers in a bath of milk and argan oil at equal doses for about ten minutes once a week.

Note that olive, castor or sweet almond oil is also very effective.

Tip 2: Salt
Salt also helps to strengthen brittle nails thanks to its iodine content.

Directions for use: Mix one tablespoon of salt in half a liter of warm water and soak your fingers in this liquid for 10 minutes.

Tip 3: Lemon
Lemon is known for its revitalizing virtues. To strengthen your nails, mix the juice of a lemon with a tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl.

Heat and soak your nails in the container for a few minutes before rinsing. To feed the nail, you can also mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply massaging on the fingernails and cuticles twice a week. This treatment is ideal for striated and brittle nails.

Some tips to keep healthy nails:

  • Always protect your hands with gloves (household chores, gardening),
  • Do not take a bath too hot, too long,
  • Avoid using your fingernails to open a lid or scratch a stain for example,
  • Don’t bite your nails,
  • Do not use a metal file,
  • Let your fingernails breathe between two manicures,
  • Always apply a transparent and fortifying base before your varnish,

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