Dandruff ? Here are the worst 3 mistakes to avoid absolutely in case of dandruff

Tired of seeing dandruff in your hair and on your shoulders? Zoom in on the gestures that must not be compromised to see the phenomenon worsen.

Dandruff in your hair or on your shoulders can push you to the end. And in those cases, you tend to draw heavy artillery to get rid of this embarrassing problem. Reflexes that often aggravate the situation more than they calm it, especially on sensitive scalps leathers that tend to scratch. We take a look at all the actions that you must not commit to finally see things straighten out!

Mistake No. 1: Guilt after the appearance of dandruff in your hair

Their proliferation is independent of your will and in no way the result of a lack of hygiene. In fact, one third of the population suffers. Either oily or dry, the dandruff all have the same origin: the sebaceous glands secrete too much sebum and tenfold the presence of the natural yeast on the surface of the scalp. At high doses, this yeast becomes irritating and weakens the skin barrier. The result: the scalp becomes sensitive, it protects itself by flaking from intense way and the dandruff appears.

Mistake # 2: Remove your scalp and attack it more.

Stop unintentional and too aggressive shampoos. In the long run, they sensitize the scalp, promote its inflammation and thus the appearance of new dandruff. To do well, every 2 days, no more, prefer dandruff shampoos, if possible with a neutral “PH”, to reset the acid-base balance of the zone. This is the trick that Delphine Chunky, a hairdresser accustomed to the parades, gives to all her clients. Finally, put on sulfate-free formulas that respect the capillary fiber and the sensitive scalps leathers as well as the treating assets that have proved their worth on dandruff. The stars of the fight against dandruff: Selenium disulfide, Piroctone Olamine, salicylic acid, ceramides, zinc, selenium and vitamin PP.

Mistake No. 3: Improvising chemist

No, in the war against dandruff in the hair, do not improvise especially chemist by manufacturing your own shampoo. Haro on the recipes of home beauty with essential oils with witch  you multiply the risks of igniting the situation… Indeed, these ingredients are often allergenic and can more aggressively attack the fragile scalps leathers. Morality: Rather trust the calming and soothing formulas of the brands sold in pharmacy.

so now you got the three mistakes to avoid in case of dandruff, Let your friends know and share this post for more tips and tricks. thank you !


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