3 Must Know Tips in case of COLD SORES

The cold sore is due to the herpes virus. It can be very annoying because seizures can happen often and you don’t know how to eradicate the organism’s virus.

When you have cold sores, a few tips:
Don’t really kiss anyone until the skin has healed completely because the virus is very contagious. Attention even more to people with fragile immunity, very young children, pregnant women, elderly people, people living with HIV, having undergone an organ transplant or diabetic…
Do not practice oral sex because the labial virus can be transmitted to the sexual zone.
Avoid exposure to the sun or use sunscreen if you observe that the sun is triggering seizures.

The two types of herpes treatment
To treat herpes, three kinds of medical treatment exist

  • Treatment of the very first outbreak of herpes (primo-infection) often stronger than the following.
  • The treatment of the herpes outbreak (recurrence) whose purpose is to block the crisis when it begins.
  • The treatment that is intended to prevent the emergence of new crises.

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