3 tips to keep a lemon in the best way :)

Lemon is often mentioned in our household tips or in the composition of certain cosmetics. This food is the small acid touch perfect for dishes and these properties make it an indispensable everyday. However, one can blame him for not being necessarily given and we do not always use it entirely in our preparations.

What about the little half that we have left? It is out of the question to throw this precious ally of the daily or to let it spoil in the fridge! To keep it for a long time until you have the use, here are our three best conservation tips to keep it for a few weeks.

1) In water

This is the easiest and basic technique of all! A container of fresh water is filled and the lemon is plunged into it, making sure that the flesh faces the bottom of the container. This will give your lemon a few more days and work even better if you change the water regularly.

2) Salt

The time when salt was used for food conservation is definitely not over! Sprinkle salt in the flesh and cover the entire cut and make sure a lemon doesn’t get damaged. Only downside, you will have to cut a small slice of flesh to remove the salty part.

3) White vinegar

This dear vinegar has once again found its usefulness in our daily life for the preservation of this beautiful citrus tart that is lemon! It is enough to pour into a cup or to the bottom of a ramekin and to affix the flesh. This one will not budge one iota!

And then what? Should we put it in the fridge or not?
At room temperature, you can keep the lemon for one or two weeks. It saves a few days! If you need more time to use the lemon, put it in the refrigerator. The cold will slow down its degradation and you’ll be quiet for two or three weeks. The technique of fresh water changed regularly is the one that will save you the most time.

As a bonus, note that if you only need a few drops of lemon, you don’t have to cut it. You can drill a few holes to remove the juice without risking drying the citrus.

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