3 tips to keep your skin clean perfectly

1-to have a beautiful skin

Whether it’s the face of a woman or a man, the first thing to do is to quit smoking.

Tobacco is the main enemy of the skin. The cigarette makes the complexion dull and digs the wrinkles.

2-against the blurred complexion

Against the blurred complexion, there is only one remedy: Follow for two days a cure of fruit, herbal tea and vegetable broth.

3-to beautify its complexion

Take some beer yeast!
The beer yeast that is used to raise bread dough and prepare alcoholic beverages such as beer, is a food rich in protein and vitamins group B.
Not only does it help to restore the intestinal flora, but has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails.
It is therefore recommended to take the brewer’s yeast either in tablets or flakes, when you suffer from eczema or acne and when you have blurred complexion.

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