4 Beauty Tricks when you’re brown.

You have black hair ebony, dark chestnut or auburn? Here are our beauty secrets make-up and hairstyle that will showcase you!

1/Select a background of light complexion.
When one is brown, it is essential to have a perfect complexion because dark hair tends to bring out blemishes and redness. For a zero defect and very bright complexion, put on fondant textures that will standardize it. If you are brown to the matt Skin, orient yourself to a gold-colored foundation. On the other hand, if you have clear skin, opt for a pink foundation. For a perfect complexion all day, you can use a fixing mist of makeup.

2/Bring out his eyes
You should not hesitate to highlight your eyes: Those with dark eyes can afford everything: electric blue, brown, khaki… It’s up to you to choose according to your desires of the moment! If you have blue eyes, bring out your pretty eyeballs with dark shades: grey, mauve, violet… As for green eyes, they will be highlighted with warm and iridescent shades: sand, caramel, beige… To emphasize even more the look: to make a line of eye-liner end on the lines of eyelashes, not forgetting to put mascara to enlarge the look.

3/bet on a flashy mouth
As for the eyes, the brunettes have the choice for lipstick because almost all shades are suitable for dark hair. For a natural effect, for example, you can opt for nude shades. You want a more flashy rendering? Opt for bright shades like a coral or a carmine red. Dark-skinned brunettes can afford eclectic colors including dark colors like eggplant, ocher, dark fuchsia and brown tones. If you have a clear complexion, prefer bright colors, nudes or more rosy.

4/Make your hair shine
To get a “shiny” effect on brown hair, you have to start by taking care of its hair by relying instead on natural treatments, oils or Sera. You want a max of brilliance? Rinse your hair with vinegar rinse water. This technique has been used for decades to shine the hair and bring out the reflections. After your shampoo, apply on your lengths of Apple vinegar with a little water, then rinse. To you the Shining brown mane!

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