4 causes of dark circles and pockets under your eyes

Wondering what causes dark circles and pockets under your eyes?

Here is an enumeration of the causes of this phenomenon.

4. Too many smiles and grimaces.
The gestures not only provoke goose feet, but also pockets under the eyes.

3. Water Retention
The skin of the eyelids is four times thinner than that of the rest of our body. But water tends to accumulate in the most delicate areas. What causes water retention? Among the culprits, denounce: drugs, kidney or hepatic problems, overuse of salt and, very often, allergies. Cosmetic products – especially mascara and eyeliner – provide the most work to dermatologists and allergists.

2. Ageing
The skin of the face collapses with time, especially around the eyes. Age is more often responsible for pockets under the eyes than lack of sleep or fatigue.

1. Heredity
Oh yes, it’s not your hectic night that makes you this morning panda eyes. It is a legacy that your parents and grandparents have passed on to you.


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