When asked to talk about a trip in the desert, what images directly come you to mind? You think maybe a caravan of camels crossing of dunes of golden sand. You can also imagine crossing feet a lunar landscape with an oasis in focus or point at the wheel of a 4 × 4 on the slopes of the Dakar.

In Morocco, all these desert dreams can become reality!

Located in the North West of the Sahara, the Morocco is an ideal destination for travel in the desert. The big dunes of fine sand in the deserts of stone, opportunities to travel in this fascinating environment are countless and sometimes surprising. To fully enjoy your meeting, opt for a desert trip to the Morocco that perfectly matches your aspirations.

Dreaming of big dunes of fine sand worthy of the most beautiful Hollywood films? This is great, it’s to the Morocco some of the iconic movies of the desert have been filmed. This is in particular the case of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia, whose many scenes were filmed in the dunes of Erg Chebbi at Merzouga.

You dream to meet the desert during a weekend in Marrakech? Don’t give in to the sirens of unscrupulous agencies who will try to sell you a desert tour from 2 days to Merzouga. You would spend the bulk of your weekend in a comfortable minibus while a fascinating experience awaits you at the gates of Marrakech. Go to the discovery of the register reg, you will plunge into a captivating stone desert dominated by the peaks of the High Atlas.

Want to immerse yourself in the desert during a trek or a camel Trek slowly? Prefer a circuit along the Valley of the Draa or departure of Tazzarine or Me’hamid. It will allow you to cross erg and reg, oases and palm groves in an authentic natural environment protected from mass tourism.

You dream of an adventure in the desert far from any civilization? Some 4 × 4 raids or buggy at the start of Merzouga offer such an experience, but civilization is always close. To live a real adventure trip in the desert to the Morocco, take the direction of the provinces of the deep South. Apart from some populated coastal areas, the Inland offers everything you can expect from the real desert.

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