4 tricks to lose weight without realizing it.

Adios Monodiet, intermittent fasting, Hyper protein program and other diets with high power neurasthenic. For those who do not want to radically change their eating habits and continue typing (not too much) in Ferrero’s box, there are small tricks easy to follow to lose weight, air of nothing.

Drink a large glass of water before the meal;

A few minutes before your lunch break, take the time to drink a large glass of water. Known for its appetite-suppressing role, the water will fill a part of your stomach and limit your hunger. A simple trick and, all in all, somewhat restrictive.

To know: For the more daring, you can also eat an apple before meals. The appetite suppressing effect will be even more noticeable.

Take the stairs or walk;

He has the yogis who swarm on Instagram and flood us with their convoluted postures, the fitness girls who show off their platform transformations and the brands that all start to launch their line of “sport” clothing. The message is clear: we have to move. The good news? If you have definitively drawn a line on any sports practice, there are a few simple ways to burn calories without doing CrossFit or the posture of Scorpio. We prefer the stairs to the elevators, we get off the subway two stops earlier, we do series of squats watching TV, we multiply by 3 the trips to the toilet…

Eat in a small plate;

It’s mathematical: less quantity, fewer calories. While sometimes we eat without even really knowing why, we finish our plate because we were taught not to waste, the technique of the small plate turns out to be the new infatuation of many nutritionists. You do not change the contents (unless it is raclette in July) but the container. Smart.

Eat dark chocolate;

A square of dark chocolate (70% minimum) after the meal or at snack time remains the best way to give yourself a sweet break without having to.

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