5 beauty tricks to have nice buttocks without surgery

Exfoliation, anti-cellulite creams, massage and toning accessories… Find out all our tips for displaying firm and smooth buttocks this summer.

1/The Tonic exfoliation
Perfect for activating blood circulation, toning tissues and destocking cellulite, scrubs are unstoppable to firm up buttocks. Also consider dry brushing that is even more effective at eliminating dead cells and boosting micro-circulation. To be done one to two times a week for optimum efficiency.

2/Unstockants Creams
Often enriched with caffeine, these slimming creams prevent cellulite from settling down and smooth unsightly skin. Good gestures: Apply them just after you have performed a scrub and then massage the skin for at least 5 minutes per zone to boost the efficiency of the assets.

3/The Firming trunks
Their tissue contains micro-capsules of caffeine that break by rubbing in contact with the skin to eliminate cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin (available at Cellublue for example). The right rhythm: wear them at least 6 hours a day for 3 weeks. There are also firming trunks which, by electro-stimulation, make the muscles of the buttocks work and thus boost their curve (at Slendertone).

4/Straightening Massages
Nothing more efficient to have nice buttocks well rebounded… If you are rigorous and perform this gesture 10 minutes a day for three weeks. To tone your buttocks, you can perform palpate-roll movements by always going from the bottom to the top of your buttocks. You can also make small pinches to activate the micro-circulation and tone the tissues. To achieve preferably with a slimming oil for an even more bluffing result.

5/anti-cellulite suction cups
They make it very easy to achieve an ultra-efficient palpate-roll movement. The right gesture: Apply a massage oil to the desired area, pinch the sides of the suction cup between the fingers to release the air and then place the suction cup at the bottom of the area before releasing the pressure of the fingers. You can then slide the suction cup from the bottom to the top of the buttocks by performing smoothing movements or small circles.

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