5 foods are absolutely forbidden if wanna make a flat belly

Would you like to keep your belly flat? Food can help you in addition to regular physical activity. What if you start by avoiding these few foods?

1-The Deli
Ham, Chorizo and other charcuterie that we like so much to enjoy at the aperitif are to be avoided if you want to find a flat belly. The saturated fats and the salt it contains tend to act on the circulation of the blood and so on your weight. If you want to indulge yourself, opt for poultry or lean meat and an aperitif, we prefer crisp vegetables.

2-the bread baguette white bread is not advisable when you pay attention to its line. To keep a flat belly, avoid bread, or prefer complete bread. In fact, white bread contains refined flour, which tends to increase the blood sugar level in the body, which promotes the storage of fats around the abdominal.

Most dry vegetables such as chickpeas or lentils cause bloating and are often difficult to digest. After eating them, the stomach can swell up and make the belly fat.

Breaded fish, french fries, chips and other fried foods bathe in oil to cook. We avoid consuming them because they have a direct impact on the intestinal transit. Hard to digest, fried products also make the belly swell.

5-Sweet Drinks
We know that sodas and other sweet drinks contain a lot of sugar, to avoid to find the line. Not to mention that soft drinks can promote the bloated effect. If you want a sweet drink, it’s best to squeeze an orange or some fruit, preferably in the morning, for breakfast.

if do you know other foods please write it in a comments 🙂


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