5 HALLOWEEN movies For those who hate horror movies

While some are celebrating for the treats, others to put on their best costumes or to play tricks to the neighbors, we take advantage to (re) see our best classics of horror Cinema.

obviously, any scary movie would be for a successful evening on this October 31st… But not all Halloween movies are necessarily scary! If you are prone to nightmares (or simply looking for entertainment for the whole family), here are 5 halloweenesques suggestions that will not threaten your sleep or your Stomach.

Sensitive souls: no need to abstain!


We all need a little magic in our lives, but to be born with magic in the blood is another story. From a long line of witches, Sally and Gillian Owens (fabulous Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) are afflicted with a sad curse: the untimely death of any man they would have the misfortune to fall in love With. thus, Despite their opposing personalities, the two sisters will have to combine their forces in order to liberate themselves, once and for all, from this dangerous hereditary condition. Somewhere between the romantic comedy and the fantastic movie, Griffin Dunne’s Practical Magic is a real guilty pleasure… So Halloween is the perfect excuse to revisit it!


The children of the years 90 all remember the famous horror novels of R. L. Stine, Goose bumps, and their television adaptation aired on Canal Famille. By making this feature film nearly twenty years later, American filmmaker Rob Letterman has been amused to bring back to life a procession of the most famous characters in the series, including The Swamp Werewolf and the nightmarish evil Puppet. Alongside young Dylan Minnette (13 reasons Why), Jack Black interprets a fictitious version of the author R. L. Stine while he faces his own demons – literally – after accidentally releasing them from the pages of his novels. magical, amusing and with a good dose of nostalgia, Goosebumps will delight the insiders, but also a whole new generation of fans of monsters and ectoplasm and of all KINDS.


Tim Burton’s entire filmography deserves his place on our list, but if we had to choose a single title, it was Beetlejuice who won the Channel. After an unfortunate car accident, Adam and Barbara realize that they have become ghosts. Unable to leave the perimeter of their home, they will have to deal with the new owners of it, a couple of snobs New Yorkers and their teenage gothic, which they will try to get rid of as soon as possible… But haunting a house is far more difficult than it seems! desperate, they will invoke the services of a “bio-exorcist” called Beetlejuice. Starring Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, Geena Davis and Alex Baldwin, this spooky comedy – and just sinister enough! – is certainly one of the most original ever Written.


The first production of LAIKA Studios (which then offered us ParaNorman and Kubo and the Two strings), Coraline was conceived in the rules of the art of Stop-motion by Henry selick, Director of the unforgettable the Nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton . According to Neil Gaiman’s eponymous novel, this dark little fairy tale is the story of a girl who, exploring her new home, discovers a portal to a parallel world where everything is more cheerful, and where parents are not as concerned about work… Not to mention the unusual universe of Alice in Wonderland and proposing a sensible reflection on the themes of family, abandonment and identity, Coraline is a gem of animation cinema, to be seen absolutely.


they’re Creepy and they’re kooky; Mysterious and spooky; They’re altogether ooky… The Addams Family! 🎶 who has never slammed his fingers on the air of this theme song? Our last suggestion, not the least, is a must for the Halloween Season. Weird and frankly hilarious, this reinvention of the successful television series of the years 60 – this one based on the drawings of Charles Addams, caricaturist for the New Yorker – presents characters that have become mythical: Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, The thing… So many reasons to want to watch this classic Barry Sonnenfeld again and again: it feels like a family reunion every time!

so it is your time to go and find when and where you watch the movie you’ve you choosed 😉

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