STOP doing these 5 mistakes and START losing weight immediately!!

It is never easy to lose weight. But often it’s those damned last kilos that take time to leave. What if it’s a stubborn habit you didn’t even know about? Here are 5 mistakes that will probably prevent you from losing 2 kilos.
1. Betting only on SPORT;

It’s good to get into sports. Who has never dreamed of eliminating those little extra pounds that are ruining our lives? But if you really want to lose weight, there is no secret: you have to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. So we flee all that is too fatty (cheese, deli), too sweet (cakes, candies, alcohol, sodas), and too salty (prepared dishes, appetizer cakes, fast food) with the possibility of making a small gap from time to moment.
2. do only CARDIO;

If you do sports but you only put on cardio, you burn fat… and muscle. Undoubtedly, it is better to combine this activity with muscular reinforcement to be well curved. This makes it possible to increase its metabolism in order to spend more energy, even at rest.
3. Too much to deprive;

We keep the good fats (avocado, nuts, sardines) on our plate and we allow at least one “cheat meal” (understand a free meal) per week. If we deprive ourselves too much, the body believes that it is in famine and may store everything you eat. Too frustrating a food rebalancing quickly becomes stressful. And it is precisely when you are stressed that you are more likely to flinch in front of a pack of cakes… We relax by doing meditation, yoga and above all we do not frustrate in order to avoid excesses.
4. Do not give in to the bottom;

If for several months we have exactly the same sport pattern, perhaps we must think of surpassing ourselves. In sport, you don’t have to rest on your laurels. Quite the opposite: the important thing is to have an evolution. If you feel that you cannot increase the duration of your workout, you are playing on the intensity. The goal? Give it all you can to spend as much energy as possible.

5. Do not sleep enough;

If everything is good at the level of the sport and the plate, it is probably somewhere else to look for the problem. Why can’t we lose those extra pounds? Maybe the key is in our sleep. Yes, you forget it too quickly but when you do not sleep enough, you tend to gain weight. As sleeping allows both to burn calories and to be happy (because you are not tired) all day, one stone two shots!

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