5 Natural tips to alleviate wrinkles.

How to alleviate wrinkles?

With time the skin is struck by a general release. Its elasticity decreases and the appearance of wrinkles is inevitable. Here are some tips from grandmothers to effectively fight this natural phenomenon.

The essential oil of rose wood.
First you can add to your day Cream 2 drops of essential oil from rosewood. Another possible use is to put 5 ml of rose wood essential oil in your usual cream jar and mix. So you won’t have to worry about each application.

Chervil lotion.
To alleviate wrinkles you can use the tonic lotion of our grandmothers. To do this, it is enough to infuse 60 g of chervil in 1 L of boiling water for 15 minutes. Once cooled, you can keep this preparation in a vial.

A homemade toilet milk.
To make a rose-made toilet milk, you must mix 1 tbsp. cream, 1 tbsp. Acacia honey and 1 teaspoon rose water. You’ll use it to massage your face.

An anti-aging steam bath.
Here is now a recipe for making an anti-aging steam bath, which suits whatever your skin type. You can do it up to two times a week. You have to boil 720 ml of mineral water, then out of the fire pour 1 tbsp of crushed fennel seeds and 2 drops of essential oil of rose wood or rosat geranium. Then you just have to place your face above the steaming preparation for 10 minutes.

A good hygiene of life.
Finally the appearance of your skin depends mainly on your hygiene of life. Also, you need to drink enough water, not to smoke and eat in a balanced way.

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