5 Tips for relieving wisdom teeth pain before an operation

Your decision is made: you will have your teeth removed from wisdom. How to prepare for the operation and what are the actions that relieve?

The different pains related to wisdom teeth

Before the extraction of a wisdom tooth using a technique that allows a quick recovery it is possible to relieve any pain.

It is indeed better to go to the day of the operation in a calm state and without the discomfort caused by painful teeth.

These pains can be of different types:

Pain in the area where the wisdom teeth are located
Pain by talking or eating
Inflammation of the gums
Bone inflammatio
Swelling of the cheeks

How to prepare for a wisdom teeth operation?

The application of an anesthetic gel found in a pharmacy can relieve the sensitized areas, provided that they do not present a superficial wound.

If the origin of the pain is a tooth of decayed wisdom, your dentist will advise you to find in pharmacy a painkiller adapted to your Condition.

In any case, you will undergo anesthesia as well make sure you do not ingest any contraindicated medication and inform your dentist if in doubt.

Natural Solutions

Many natural potions to prepare yourself may be helpful. A simple tablespoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water can already constitute an effective mouthwash.

Baking soda mixed with a small amount of water will be a paste to be applied to the sore area to help alleviate the Pain.

Clove oil contains large amounts of eugenol, an anesthetic and natural analgesic. In addition, its antiseptic and antibacterial properties prevent infections and fight plaque. It is used diluted in a mouth bath or directly on a cotton stick.

Mint oil is also indicated in case of pain and helps to relax.

Good tips for relieving wisdom teeth pain before an operation

In summary, here are the best advice possible to prepare well for your operation of wisdom Teeth:

Identify the origin of the pain to take the right treatment
Try some gentle and natural methods
Be sure not to use discouraged products in case of anesthesia
Inform your dentist before the operation, even if you have only used natural products
relax, as stress can greatly increase the effects of pain.

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