5 Tips for washing your bra without damaging it

Tired of relaxed materials and washed colors after a single machine wash? Learn how to extend the life of your lingerie by following our advice.

In terms of lingerie, the French spend an average of 129 euros per year. Between pretty ornaments of big brands and small triangle coup de coeur, one forgets a little quickly that lingerie is a delicate matter that deserves to double attention if you want to be able to wear it long. In short, lace bra or cashmere sweater, same fight!
No need to wash them by hand, just follow these 5 tricks to be able to switch them into a machine without damaging them.

1: Sorting your Laundry
Say like that, you say “easy”. But in 2018, there are still people to think that we can spend everything together with the machine: black, white, color, delicate materials and thick cotton. The basis is to sort your laundry. Forget the marketing arguments a little abusive that sometimes want to make you believe in the existence of miracle Lye and 3 in 1! The solution is to read the labels properly and to sort your laundry according to the label.
But even in sorting, no one is immune to an error… We do not forget to check that the drum is well empty too. A black sock left to the bottom is enough to ruin a whole laundry!

2: Protect its lingerie from the rest of the machine
If you have already wondered what the small zipped pockets in perforated mesh can serve, this advice is for you. It is actually a protective pouch. During the wash, they will prevent the bra from making knots with other clothes. Another good reflex to adopt: always close the clips and hooks of all your bras before putting them in a machine to prevent them from clinging to each other. And as far as possible, avoid overloading.

3: Choosing a “Tricky” program
Whether it is a padded bin, a poly-amide triangle or a lace-crossed heart, the bras, in their vast majority, do not like the heat. When choosing your program, opt for a “delicate” or “cold” cycle if your lingerie is not very dirty. In all cases, it is 30 ° maximum. Beyond that, you may want to make the colors ungorged and distort your bra.

4: Avoid dryer
It has already been said: lingerie does not like heat – whether during the wash cycle or after. Admit it would be a pity to spoil all your previous efforts just to see it dry twice as fast? So it’s free air drying and nothing else.

5: Suspend your bra well
Have you ever looked at how you are drying your bin? Because the problem can also come from there. If you don’t want your favorite model to deform quickly, get in the habit of always hanging it in the middle of the two caps rather than the straps.

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