5 tips to have perfect smooth hair

Mastering a straightener seems to be a breeze. There are some little tips to follow to get a perfectly smooth hair. Unevbox.com gives you 5 very simple tricks to adopt.
1-Protect Your hair
Before embarking on the adventure, it is essential to apply care on your mane because the warmth of your straightener can quickly attack and damage your hair. A perfect smoothing is not done without the application of a thermo-protective care. In formula spray or serum, it will effectively protect the hair fiber.
2-Apply a straightening base
The straightening base is indispensable as it will help smooth your hair faster. Between saving time and convincing result, the choice seems simple!
3-Dry your hair before

Contrary to what one may think, you will not go faster by trying to smooth your mane still moist and especially you risk to weaken them. So prefer a hair dryer step before you tackle the task. You do not need to do a brushing before going to the straightener.
4-A low temperature straightener
Just as a hair dryer too hot will damage your hair, the same goes for the straightener. So be aware that the ideal temperature for your shine mane is 180 °. Set to lower temperature, the straightener will require several passes at the risk of dehydrating your hair.
5-Perform wick straightening by Wick
To smooth his hair, it is necessary to proceed methodically. Do not attempt to smooth out thick wicks which will result in inconclusive and approximate results. Also the gesture is important. It is necessary to leave the neck and go to the face for an effective straightening. Think about pulling lightly or using a brush to make the straightener smoother.

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