5 tips to make brown spots disappear on your hands.

Over time, because of aging or exposure to the sun, brown spots may appear here and there on the HANDS. however, These stains are not a fatality: they can easily be attenuated with the help of natural ingredients! Focus on 5 tips to make brown spots disappear on your hands.

Remove brown spots on hands with parsley

For this recipe, collect 25 grams of parsley and boil in 20 cl of Water. Then allow to rest for half an hour before adding 30 cl of mineral water. Book this liquid in the refrigerator and then, using a cotton disc, gently rub it half an hour every morning for a period of two to three weeks on your brown spots.

Reduce brown spots with lemon

The acidic properties of the lemon make it a very good lightening if your skin is not too dry, especially to soften the brown spots on the HANDS. But how to use it?

Simply squeeze a lemon into a bowl, then mix the juice with a teaspoon of powdered sugar until a dough is obtained. Then massage your brown spots using this dough every night, then rinse your skin after half an hour.

The effects will be permanently visible from three months!

Flour and raw milk against pigment stains

To concoct this ointment, you need some raw milk and flour, for example Rice. Place in a bowl two tablespoons of flour and then pour in raw milk while mixing until a very soft dough is obtained. Then rub your skin at the spot of brown spots using a cotton swab soaked in this mixture every night!

Clay and cucumber to remove brown spots

Grate a half cucumber or pass it to the Mixer. Then mix it with a tablespoon of white clay, and a tablespoon of honey if the dough obtained is not liquid enough to your eyes.

Put the cream on your skin and let it act on your brown spots for about fifteen minutes before you rinse your skin thoroughly.

Honey and yogurt against stains on the skin

The advantage of this last trick is its composition: honey and yogurt are found in all the kitchens!

In a small container, pour a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of plain yogurt. Mix together and book in the Fridge. Place the mixture on your brown spots every day for half an hour, then rinse your skin with clear water.

Do you know of any other methods to reduce brown spots on your hands? Let us share it in the Comments.

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