5 Tips to space shampoo without having oily hair

As we know, shampoos that are too frequent will damage the hair, remove them, weaken them, make them turn the colors… and push them to grease faster. All the woes of the world, basically, but with the immense advantage of guaranteeing clean hair at the exit of the shower. What if you were offered to space the shampoos, but without having oily hair?

We choose the right shampoo;

Paradoxical? Not that much. A shampoo rich in silicones and sulfates (SLS, or Sodium Laureth sulfates) is a shampoo that smothers the fiber for the first, the Decloak for the second. In both cases, a long-term detrimental action for our poor manes, which often react in a single way: by boosting sebum production.

We do not make you a drawing, which says Sebum says fat, which says fat says Wash. To space shampoos without having dirty hair, the first step is to choose softer products to see our heads relubricate less quickly!

We go on dry shampoo;

Yes, we sing you his praise every fifteen of the month. But with reason, since this small spray so banal is able to clean the hair without damaging them, without water and without chemicals. The principle is simple, the powder sprayed on the roots absorbs excess sebum in just a few minutes. We brush vigorously to get rid of the powder and the trick is played, the hair reappears their lightness for 24 to 48 hours.

Even better? Dry shampoos now exist scented, in miniature or coloured versions to avoid the whitening effect of powder on brown hair. In case of shortage or envy of 100% natural, number of powders, talc and cornflour included, even offer a similar effect.

Rinse vinegars are adopted;

Designed for their shine bonus, the rinse vinegars allow, above all, to rebalance the pH of the scalp and, therefore, to reduce the production of sebum. But Quèsaco? The method is simply to rinse the hair, once washed, with vinegar. Its acidity closes the scales, smoothes the fiber and limits the sebum to the roots.

Better, it allows a better distribution of it up to the spikes, after reappearing, rather than its accumulation at the roots. A good way to space shampoos without having oily hair, provided you choose the right vinegar: cider vinegar for the natural version, a capillary vinegar for the classic version. And not more than once a week!

We put on the softness;

Nothing and no one will prevent our scalp from greasing, it is in its nature. On the other hand, it is not so complicated to act on the importance of sebum production! To space shampoos without having oily hair, one expels from its routine all the gestures that attack the hair.

Words? Exit the rough brushing, the metal brushes, the hair dryers and the high temperature straighteners or the daily drying. We team up with wooden combs with wide teeth, we gently unravel and avoid passing the hand in the hair every five minutes… under pain of adding to the sebum of the hair the sebum of the hands, a cocktail winning for the fat.

We protect her hair;

Space shampoos would be a breeze if the hair was not greasy… all the more reason to avoid everything that gets them dirty! Greasy roots, a passage in the attic and the dice are loaded: fat + dust, the hair is irreparably dirty and the dry shampoo will not suffice. It is therefore thought to comb or brush his hair regularly to rid them of the dust and spread the sebum to the tips, avoiding its accumulation in roots.

In the event of messy activity, from the household to the gardening, we team up with a hat, scarf or cap. And we willingly put on the hairstyles that hide and protect at the same time, from the knots to the braids passing by a simple ponytail! The other thing? Combs and brushes are regularly washed, so as not to redeposit all the dirt in our hair at the next brushing.

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