5 tricks If your knees make you suffer

The joints of the knees are undoubtedly the most stressed of our body. So we imagine that when we suffer, all our habits can be changed. Here are five tips to get better.


Knee pains can be so strong that they sometimes lead to a change of life or habits. Whether you are athletic or hit hard by arthritis, there are many tips for pain relief. If it is very lively or persistent, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

1. Stop Violent Sports


Ski or running enthusiasts have sometimes been forced to leave their equipment in the locker room. Indeed, these sports require a great deal of knee joint and can wear and damage the meniscus or ligaments. However, it is essential to continue regular physical activities, as the joints also deteriorate when they are not used! You can then choose softer sports such as cycling (watch out for too long hikes), Tai chi or even swimming. Swimming is probably the most complete sport to relieve muscle or joint pain.

2. Overweight increases the risk of osteoarthritis

Overweight is one of the factors that aggravates the suffering of the knee. So if you are overweight or your diet is likely to lead you, change your habits to preserve your joints. In fact, when walking, the knees are subjected to a force representing three to six times the weight of the body. One understands why the knees are damaged four or five times more in people with obesity. Osteoarthritis occurs more frequently in people with weight problems.

3. Opt for soft medicines

To avoid taking too many anti-inflammatory drugs that often cause side effects and which, in the long run, no longer effect, it is advisable to opt for soft medicines. Acupuncture can help you if you suffer from osteoarthritis-this disease does not heal, it must relieve the pain-. The plants are also excellent remedies and offer the same results as some anti-inflammatory. You will find for example the Phytodolor, a tincture (plants have macerated in alcohol) based on trembling Aspen, European ash and goldenrod.

4. Remedies in your diet

If you want to prevent or treat your knee pain, a healthy diet is essential. To consume omega-3s, eat small fish such as sardines or herring. Also fill up with sprouts, green vegetables, vitamin D (bulb once a year if your area lacks sunshine). Chia seeds, cranberry, goji berries are excellent for the health of the joints, as are the vegetable oils of borage and evening primrose. And don’t forget that turmeric also has to become your best friend in the kitchen.

5. Daily Care

To relieve you locally, you can massage your joint gently up to two times a day with olive oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates circulation. The ice pocket can also reduce the pain and cause the joint to deflate. Be careful not to leave it for more than twenty minutes, it could burn the skin. Finally know that if you suffer from tendonitis, the green clay poultice will perform miracles.

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