5 tricks to prevent blood sugar levels from rising.

The best way to control your diabetes is to adopt a low glycemic index diet after determining its daily glycemic load, as advocated by Dr. Medart and the Dietitian-nutritionist Angelique Hastings in the new GI regimen Diabetes. In some cases, this diet can reduce or even stop the Medications. In any case, it helps to prevent the many complications of diabetes. If you are already adept in this way of feeding, here are 5 additional tips to help you control your diabetes and avoid complications.

1. Move and record physical activity on a notebook;
To improve glucose uptake by cells and sensitivity to insulin (two phenomena that have been harmed in case of diabetes), exercise is Paramount. Having a physical activity that is intense enough to cause slight sweating or slow speech 30 minutes a day is enough (at least 5 days a week). Walking fast, going up stairs and vacuuming vigorously are activities that fall into this category. Take good care to note your physical activity in a notebook because we tend to overestimate our activity and an objective account is needed to be sure to move enough.

2. Quit smoking;
Smoking is detrimental to the health of all but especially to Diabetics. Especially because the cigarette seems to prevent insulin from doing its job properly and because it has negative effects on the blood vessels, limiting the blood flow in the lower legs and at the foot level, an area prone to Complications in Diabetics. The guide I no longer want to smoke can help you in your gait, your doctor too.

3. Try a new vegetable or fruit each week;
There are a lot of varieties of vegetables and fruits that we don’t know About. Instead of buying always the same, known, let yourself be tempted by unknown plants and discover new Flavors. Because it’s important to vary and there can be some nice surprises on the key. Attention to fruits with a lot of variation in the glycemic index and charge, see the Guide to glycemic indexes in case of doubt.

4. Bring your meal to the office or choose your menu before going to the restaurant;
When you eat outside, temptations are numerous and the choices of other diners can influence us in the wrong way. Bring your lunch to the office or choose in advance its menu on the map of the restaurant (before setting foot if possible) leads to better food choices and better controlled diabetes.

5. Pay attention to his feet and eyes;
Poorly controlled diabetes can cause damage to the nerves of the foot and make you insensitive to pain in this area (preventing you from realizing that you have cut yourself for example). however, If your blood sugar level is chronically too high you are more susceptible to infections and an untreated foot injury can have dramatic effects such as leading to Amputation. It is better to keep an eye on your feet and consult at the slightest sign of Abnormality. In the same vein, you have to pay attention to your eyesight and eyes and consult an ophthalmologist once a year to prevent another common complication of ill-controlled diabetes: the retinopathy of the diabetic (which makes you blind).

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