6 DIY Ideas for decorating & landscaping The bathroom when you’re a tenant.

No need to curb your desire for landscaping and decorating in the bathroom, even if you are a tenant.

Here are 6 clever and trendy DIY ideas for decorating, landscaping and storing your bathroom.

#1 – Turn a slat base into a modular wall shelf.


One can divert a slatted box to turn it into a clever layout for the bathroom.

With the help of a few hooks, you can even hang towels or pots to store the brushes, the hairdryer or even the washcloths.

This DIY is easy to reproduce and uses the height of the wall to save space and de-clutter the floor.

Tip: Use “S” hooks to hang towels, baskets, bins,…

#2 – Make a storage cabinet without piercing the walls, with wooden crates.


Wooden crates are easy to find and customize.

sanded and repainted, they assemble easily and can compose an inexpensive piece of furniture ready to accommodate decoration, towels and all cosmetics.

Little tip: Add nice braided baskets to organize, group and store all your stuff.

Are you moving? Just take the wooden crates with you to your new apartment. They can then turn into a coffee table, at the end of the couch, in the kitchen shelf,… There’s no shortage of ideas!

For example, some have tested the Simply a Box wooden crates to make a storage cabinet for the entrance.

You can also use the cage, more and more trendy, it offers the advantage of being cheap.

#3 – Store all your towels with this easy-to-make DIY wall mount.


Using a simple wooden board and a cheap towel rack, you can make this stylish storage easy to assemble and disassemble. A non-negligible asset when you’re a tenant!

This DIY also allows you to save space in a small bathroom, the trick of rolling the towels actually helps to de-clutter your drawers.

#4 – Make a bathtub bridge and turn your bathroom into a “home spa” area.


Have you ever considered watching your favorite series while taking a bath? I’ll encourage you!

How? Simply by manufacturing a bathtub bridge. It is very simple, just apply the stain on a wooden board of Recup ‘ and put it on your bathtub.

A DIY idea to turn your bathroom into a spa at home, even if you are a tenant.

Tip: If you like tinkering, you can customize your tub tray and include a glass holder, a candle holder,… Models of the Umbra brand are a very good example.

#5 – Hang a ceiling ladder to plant your bathroom


This is a surprising DIY, on China an old scale and it is suspended from the ceiling in the bathroom.

Then we choose a few plants to plant the space. One gets a nature, relaxing and original decoration in the bathroom.

Be careful, make sure you have a good ceiling height for this DIY. Another idea is to divert this Do it Yourself into a light suspension.

#6 – Store your toothbrushes with a stand to be glued to the wall.


Without a doubt the easiest and cheapest DIY of this article. With a few pieces of wood, you can build a decorative toothbrush holder and very trendy.

No need to pierce the walls, just use adhesive strips to fix this DIY! A suitable idea when you are a tenant, your landlord will also appreciate.

The best DIY ideas for the bathroom, when you are a tenant
Shelf, mirror, towel rack, toothbrush holder…

It is enough to show ingenuity and/or think about diverting objects. You can easily create a decoration that looks like you, even for rent.

The DIY of this article are easy to make and especially easy to disassemble. Making your own furniture or decoration is often much simpler than you think, and there are many advantages. Just get started!

All you have to do is choose the most appropriate ideas for your budget, your DIY level and your desires to start customizing your bathroom, even if you are a tenant.

What are your favorite ideas? Do you have any other ideas to share?

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