6 natural aphrodisiacs to be put on the menu

The virtues of ginger on sexual desire are known but it is not the only ingredient to propose stimulating properties. We have selected 6 natural aphrodisiacs to put on the plate to spice up his sex life.


the cocoa is able to increase the levels of the organism’s chemical agents that put in a good mood. These chemicals include neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins that have euphorisantes1 properties. The body is more receptive and tonic, which can develop sexual desire.

Particularly renowned, Saffron is a spice that possesses aphrodisiac qualities. It would enhance sexual desire and possess stimulating properties on erogenous areas because of its contents of phytosterols (= natural components, present in small quantities in plants) 2. The saffron would also help with the lubrication of the vaginal mucosa.

The Clove
Originally from Indonesia, cloves would be the most potent natural aphrodisiac. It would increase the blood flow and give tone. This increase in blood flow would allow a more powerful erection and exacerbate the senses of the partners. It would possess in addition to the analgesic virtues (= which reduces the pain) and anti-inflammatory and would help to fight urinary infections.

Bandaged Wood
A true natural aphrodisiac thanks to its vasodilator qualities (= dilation of the blood vessels), the bandaged wood facilitates erection and makes it more durable. The bark of bandaged wood would also cause desire ascents in the woman.
Often consumed with alcohol, in the form of a rum-based cocktail, it would be a potent sexual stimulant. In small quantities the deinhibiting effects of alcohol can also spice up sex life but in too much quantity, it can have negative repercussions on erection. Consumed too regularly and at too high doses, alcohol can also have adverse health effects.

Ginseng is made up of several active principles that would stimulate the organism. Among the active principles contained in ginseng are ginsenosides and alkaloids that stimulate the nervous, physical and intellectual system and increase physical resistance. In addition to its invigorating properties, ginseng would also be an excellent vasodilator (= which allows the dilation of blood vessels). The consumption of ginseng would lead to a better influx of blood into the male and therefore better erections.

The Anise
Anise contains a large amount of anethole, a substance whose effects resemble those of estrogen (= female sex hormone), which makes it a good stimulant for women but also for men. Although estrogen is a female hormone, it could have a androgenic effect in men (= male sex hormones).

Attention, these foods are considered aphrodisiac because they have stimulating and invigorating properties. Their effects are felt throughout the body and not just at the level of the sexual organs. In no way do they have a miracle effect on your sexuality.

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