6 Things That Happen When You Sleep With An Onion In Your Sock For a Week

Onions are amazing vegetables, which are very beneficial for the entire body and health. Onions, besides garlic, are known as air purifiers because they contain phosphoric acid. This substance is responsible for your tears when you cut and onion. Moreover, the phosphoric acid is unbelievably beneficial for your health.

-When onions are applied topically, this phosphoric acid enters your blood and purifies it. For this purpose, you should apply onions on the bottom of your feet and feel the benefits. This is possible because the bottoms of our feet are composed of meridians. These meridians are a direct access point to every organ in our body. Moreover, when you apply onions on your skin, not only will the blood purified, but also you will eliminate the unwanted germs and bacteria.

-Here are 6 reasons why you should start using onions on your skin. You should cut onions in slices, apply one slice in each sock and go to bed.

6 Reasons for Onions in Your Socks

Help with Weight Loss

-Weight gain can be a result of many unhealthy habits, such as lack of exercise and excess eating junk food. However, there are several health issues which can be a reason for the weight gain and obesity. One of the reasons can be the thyroid disorder. When the thyroid is underperforming it causes weight gain because it isn’t able to burn fats. In order to promote the weight loss process, you should detox your thyroid. Onions are a great natural way for this detoxification process.

Make the Mind Sharper

-When your blood is full of toxins, they can reach the brain through your blood. Thus, the brain may not be able to function properly and you may lack concentration. So, by applying onions on the bottoms of your feet, your blood will be cleaner and more oxygen will reach your brain. All of this will result in a sharper and healthier brain.

Improve Kidney and Liver Function

-The kidneys and the liver are responsible for waste disposal from your body. Their function is quite crucial for our health. Thus, when there is a natural detoxification process happening, the kidneys and the liver will have their deserved break.

Promote the Digestive Health

-The digestive system is in charge of processing everything we consume. When we ear unhealthy food, the intestines are full of toxins and other harmful substances. This can have a severe impact on the immune system. However, the onions detoxify the whole of your body, including the GI tract.

Help Lungs Recover

-Onions will detoxify your body by removing the tar and gunk out of your lungs. The toxins would be flushed out through the meridians and this will improve the health of your lungs. There is no difference if you are a passionate smoker or you only smoke from time to time, onions will make your lungs works better than ever.

Clear Blocked Sinuses

-Stuffy nose is a common problem, mainly in the cold season. The nasal congestion can happen because the sinuses are blocked. The sinuses can become blocked, and even inflamed due to several factors, such as allergies, pollution and cigarette smoke. Therefore, the detoxification process with onions on the bottom of your feet will work wonders for you. Bear in mind that it will take time until your sinuses are completely cleared, but the sinus toxins will undoubtedly be removed.

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