6 tips for having impeccable toilet funds.

In terms of maintenance, the bottom of the toilet bowl is a real challenge. Over time it will become tart and change color. It seems impossible to get rid of it without rubbing for hours using toxic detergents.

Yet there are tips from myhealthypoke.com to achieve it much more easily.

White vinegar
First you can use vinegar. Pour in 1 litre and then let act for a whole night. In the morning, pull the flush and rub with a brush to remove the remaining stains.

Baking soda
Baking soda has the same effect. It acts in a few hours and can be used as vinegar.

The combination of bicarbonate and white vinegar
You can also mix these two ingredients to get an even better result. Start by pouring the bicarbonate into the bottom of the bowl and then add the white vinegar. There will then be an effervescence to let act for a few hours before flushing the water and brushing.

Hot vinegar
One last word on vinegar, our grandmothers use it also sometimes hot. Start by emptying the water cup and then pouring the liquid. Let it work for a dozen hours and then scrape with a plastic spatula.

Coca-Cola and citric acid
Coca-Cola is also recommended, as is citric acid. It takes at least 40 minutes to get the first results.

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