6 Ways to Get Rid of Those Annoying Blackheads On your Face : grandma anti-blackheads tips

Blackheads are one of the most common forms of acne. Although people who have oily skin are more vulnerable to blackheads, anyone can get them. They form when pores become clogged with a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil (sebum) from your sebaceous glands.

Unlike whiteheads, which create closed pores, blackheads have open surfaces. This creates an oxidation that is dark in color.

It may be tempting to try to pinch or push the black plug out, but this can cause unnecessary scarring and other damage to your skin.

You’ll likely have better results using the tips and tricks outlined below. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of your blackheads and prevent future ones from forming.

Prepare well.

Before making blackhead recipes, take the time to prepare your skin by making it take a steam bath. The heat of the steam will open the pores and make the skin more supple, then the care will be more effective. Lean your face over a container filled with hot water, and cover your head with a towel for 5 minutes.

1/Cucumber Moisturizer
We all have in mind the image of cucumber slices placed on the entire face. This is not incongruous at all, as cucumber moisturizes the skin like no other vegetable. But rather than applying washers that don’t stay in place, it’s a good idea to mix the pulp to remove the juice. Then soak a cotton cup, and pass it over your face to clean sean it.

2/ Baking soda scrub
By mixing a little fine baking soda with mineral water, you get an exfoliating paste with which you will gently massage the blackhead areas of your face. Then rinse the skin with lukewarm water.
This bicarbonate solution will both de-inflate pores, remove dead skin and regulate sebum production.
This homemade scrub can be done once a week.

3/ Egg white mask
Beat an egg white into snow, without it becoming too firm. Apply half of the preparation to the areas affected by the blackheads. Place a sheet of tissue on your face, and cover it with a second layer of white snow. Leave this homemade mask on for about 15 minutes. When the handkerchief is dry, remove it and rinse the skin.

4/ Try topical retinoids

Retinoids may be helpful for stubborn cases of acne by helping to unplug pores. This process can also make other OTC products more effective, because they’ll be better able to enter the follicle.

You may wish to try ProActiv’s Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment or Differin Gel. Both were previously available by prescription only.

5/ Use a clay mask

Clay masks are often considered must-haves for oily skin. They work by retrieving dirt, oil, and other elements deep from your pores. As far as blackheads are concerned, clay masks can even loosen and remove clogged pores. L’Oréal’s Detox and Brighten Clay Mask is one such product worth looking in to.

Some clay masks, such as Michael Todd’s Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask, also contain sulfur. Sulfur is another ingredient that works to break down the dead skin cells that make up blackheads.

No matter which mask you choose, you can use it once a week in addition to your once- or twice-weekly exfoliating treatment.

6/ Use a charcoal mask

Like clay masks, charcoal masks work deep in the skin to draw out oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities. The ingredient charcoal is thought to take these benefits up another notch.

Used once weekly, the charcoal masks may help get rid of your blackheads.


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