7 Causes Of Vaginal Itching And Burning And 4 Remedies To Eliminate Them

Experiencing vaginal infections and vaginal itching are pretty common for women of all ages. The vaginal itching, burning and irritation can be a quite big problem, because the vulva and va*ina are pretty sensitive.

Here are the most common causes of vaginal infections and vaginal itching:

-Hormonal imbalance, usually brought on by menopause

-Lichen sclerosis vulvar

-Psoriasis and eczema

-Bacterial vaginosis

-Frequent use of chemical-laden intimate hygiene products


-Bacterial or fungal infections

The vaginal pinworm infections are able to cause vaginal itching as well, even though this type of infection is more common in children than adults. Some stress and a weakened immune system can also play a part in vaginal infections, which can cause symptoms such as burning, vaginal itching and swelling and redness as well. Having some vaginal discharge and odor might be present as well, and pain during or urination are also identified as symptoms of a vaginal infection.

-In case you want to stop the vaginal itching, you should definitely maintain perfect hygiene. What is more, we are going to show you a few natural remedies which can treat the symptoms and relieve the infection in just a short time.


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