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Loss of tone, sleep disorders, muscle weakness, lack of energy, headaches, difficulty concentrating… Besides permanent and intense fatigue, the list of symptoms of chronic fatigue is long. Discover seven remedies to regain your vitality.

1. The benefits of Ginseng
Originally from China, this licorice-flavored plant has many stimulating virtues and is the best ally against chronic fatigue. Called Adaptogen, it has the capacity to regenerate weakened organisms and to promote general equilibrium. containing Ginsenosids molecules, ginseng regulates several functions of the organism and increases the energy.

Preferably organic, old and cultured, ginseng can be consumed in beverage, mixing its roots with ginger and vanilla. To cook for three hours.

2. Drink tea.
Second most consumed drink after water, tea is rich in antioxidants and caffeine. Green or black, tea has stimulating properties on the body, which allow to increase concentration and relieve fatigue.

3. Consume fruits rich in vitamin C: Kiwi, Citrus, Acerola.
Rich in vitamin C, citrus is essential to combat chronic fatigue due to its regenerative effects. It is one of the foods containing the most Ascorbic  acid. Orange, lemon or grapefruit provide a boost of energy and are therefore consumed as soon as the alarm is awakened.

Thanks also to its high vitamin C content, the kiwi is the king of fruits to give you energy and tone, just like the Acerola which has a vitamin C content 30 times higher than that of orange.

4. Eat spinach.
“I’m very strong because I eat all my spinach.” Popeye understood this: eating this green vegetable gives strength and energy. Rich in vitamin B and magnesium, spinach participates in the production of energy.

Spinach, consumed regularly, makes it possible to find its vitality more quickly.

5. Practicing Physical activity
Having a simple physical activity, without pushing the effort to the extreme, contributes to the well-being of the organism. Whether walking or preferring stairs to the elevator, these daily reflexes will gradually help to improve their physical health while respecting their rhythm.

6. Improve Your sleep
While fatigue is very energy-intensive, a good rest is essential. For a quality sleep, lie down early and at a fixed time. As a reminder, it is advisable to sleep eight hours a night.

Also, avoid screens before you go to bed because they stimulate mental activity and can generate stress.

7. Adopt Relaxation Techniques
Yoga, meditation or sophrology are good breathing methods to loosen muscle tension and relax.

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