7 miraculous tips to treat premature ejaculation!


Almost all men can have a premature ejaculation in some circumstances. The most common cause, this is too much spacing between sex. Indeed, in this case, the sexual tension builds up and excitement rises very quickly, leading to premature ejaculation. It is not really a disease, but rather embarrassing operation, which means that one cannot talk of healing, but rather to learn to manage sexual excitement.

  • Increase the frequency of reports.

It is the first thing to do. If you tend to do less often love because of this problem, it will only compound the difficulty. The good pace: achieve two or three sex per week.

  • Help him to de-stress, to not feel guilty.

A partner who expresses his anxiety level will increase the stress of his companion, whose ejaculation will become even faster. The ideal would be to reassure him, telling him: “we love, we want to, it’s essential. Of course, I wish it lasts longer when we make love, but thanks to caresses, I still find my pleasure while making love with you. »

  • Take some time for the preliminary caresses.

This allows to have enough fun to not be frustrated if the report is fast afterwards. This also allows the man to get used to a level of excitement that will last longer.

  • Compliment on hem as a lover.

Men who are bothered by an ejaculation are often excellent lovers for Petting!
Are you tenderly talking during sex.
Tenderness has the advantage of lead a sweet sexual arousal, and therefore more conducive to a slow climb to ejaculation as a wild excitement.

  • Encourage some sexual positions.

Including those where the man is more passive and receptive, so those where he is underneath and the woman on top. This is the woman who gives the “the”, somehow. Man must simply enjoy the pleasure of sensations without doing anything. It is sometimes difficult for an active man, but this has the advantage of slow down considerably the occurrence of ejaculation.

  • Have fun! Love is a game, not an exam.

Men suffering from premature ejaculation tend to feel stressed as for a job interview. Tickle him, make him laugh, tell him that you love him, he is beautiful, tell her nonsense and do everything so that he forgets the stress, which made him lose all his means.

  • Offer to consult a doctor, if you feel that this is not enough.

He can prescribe a drug slowing the ejaculatory reflex. This is not a quick fix but a boost to help him get through this and let his body finally take the time to love you. To regulate his excitement, man must reappropriate the operating instructions of his sensations. And two is the right solution.

NOW go and have fun, because it’s time for a game 😉

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