8 Breathing Exercises For Headache

Headaches can be so excruciating that they sometimes make you lose your focus, energy and stability to take a step further to complete your daily chores. If you have frequent headaches troubling you, I am sure that most of you all go for the medication process of swallowing pills to comfort yourself instantly. These medicines have an adverse after effect on the body though you may not be aware of it at present. So here i come again to your rescue by suggesting you to perform a few correct breathing exercises that will give you slow but soothing relief from a troublesome headache.

1. Breathe In A Rhythm

The right amount of oxygen intake in the body not only calms us down but also works a magic spell for the headache. Stop taking short inadequate breaths. Instead, take a deep long intake of oxygen in a count of 10 and exhale the similar way by again counting 10. This rhythm of breathing will help to relax your nerves and reduce the pain of your headache.

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